Alpha-Fibe has helped me very much with my weight loss…thank you.
Irene Coueffin    

I've been taking AlphaFibe for a month and have experienced great benefit.
Don Hunkin    

AlphaFibe Advanced is the best product on the market!
Christiane M. Wolfe    

Like this product very well. Need more - will reorder soon!
BF Customer    

Alpha-Fibe worked for me! After having a 10 month illness, I gained 40lbs. I weighed 190lbs. I had never weighed so much in my life.
Unable to do any form of exercise or barely walk, all I could do was watch TV. I saw Alpha- Fibe on a TV show and bought it.
I lost the 40 lbs. in 3 months. I was able to fit into my clothes again!
Mary St. Romain    

A must have staple. You body WILL not store any bad fat. This item can be difficult to find because it works!!
BF Customer    

I have used the Original version of this product before, but this new Advanced one is even better. My appetite for sweets is down even during these holiday times, my energy level is up, and I am seeing steady weight loss in just over 2 weeks from starting on it. Taking 2-3 capsules with my meals and snacks which are much easier to swallow than hard tablets.
Texas T    

Thought I would try this new Advanced version of Alpha-Fibe about a month ago & I am glad I did. Feel great. Losing weight down pants are more loose than before and my sweet tooth is gone. Appetite definitely reduced. I must be burning the fat cause my energy level is up also. Will continue to take after my meals to absorb the bad fats and not worry so much about dieting.
Stephen Specchio    

When I eat a lot of fatty foods but not gaining weight, although I still try to eat healthy. When I cheat I don't gain!!

Product works well when used properly.
BF Customer    

Love this product!! Can't live with out it!! This product has assisted me in losing about 70 lbs. over time. Works great and I highly recommend it!!!!
BF Customer    

2 yrs. worth of checkups where my total cholesterol is super low-HDL is high and LDL is almost non-existent. GET IT!!!
S. Christy    

Luv this stuff. It helps me not to eat!!!!
BF Custome    

It keeps my weight under control without exercise.

Watch the pounds fall off!!!
Gerald F.    

I was introduced to Alpha-Fibe by a friend & it became a game changer for me regarding my health. I have lost a total of 18lbs. & dropped my cholesterol back down into the normal range. The fast-acting capsules are easy to swallow & I continue to take alpha-fibe daily to maintain my weight loss. The best part is I can enjoy pizza night with my family without feeling guilty! Thanks for making such a great product!!!
Phil Petris    

My wife has been taking it for over 6 months and she is been able to keep her weight down, takes it daily.
BF Customer    

I have been taking your product for about a year now and found that it really is a Smart Fiber! In Spring of 2013, I attended the courtroom adoption of my first granddaughter. After looking at the pictures later on, I was surprised to see how much weight I had gained and how awful I looked in my flower print dress. I did not want to be out of shape and tired as a new grandmother. I wanted to have the energy needed when spending time with her. It was obvious that I needed to lose at least ten pounds or more. As a school teacher my schedule can be hectic to say the least and most times during the school year I am eating foods I shouldn't be eating. With the help of your smart fiber ALPHA-FIBE, I have been able to lose 15 lbs and keep it off without having to change my diet. I also have become regular for the first time in my life and I don't have that bloated feeling after I eat anymore. Thank you for this product, as it has made a big difference in the way I feel about myself.
L. A. Griffin    

Has made losing weight a lot easier…
I use this everyday and it really works. Take it right before meals and now I eat a lot less.

Presently, I have lost 50 pounds and dropped from a Size 16 to a size 10. I feel wonderful and my self-esteem has improved greatly. Thank you for your product. I am truly grateful.
Christine Heymans    

Great supplement! It does aid in weight loss and is easy to digest!!!!
Sharian Y. Smith    

I want to express my happiness with the order of Bio-Form Alpha-Fibe. I have been using them for over a month and have lost about 7 lbs. I feel the reason I have lost this weight is due to the pills. I drink a lot more water than I did before and that in itself keeps me full. I do not snack during the day as I have in the past. I will continue to purchase these pills. My husband and I have both dropped weight and we are delighted.
Mike Kirton    

Great product works very well…will continue to use.
Arlene Gega    

The bottle arrived on time and I've been well pleased. It is easy to take and doesn't cause any tummy problems. I will continue to order this product.
Mary Kathryn    

I love this product, not only does it suppress the appetite so you eat less and cleanses you, I've had regular bowl movements. I eat my usual breakfast then take 1 or 2 pills depending on how fatty the meal is and so far I’ve lost 4 pounds in less than a month. i highly recommend you get this product. I am not hungry for hours after i eat and take this supplement which helps me greatly to not overeat.
Dee W.    

I like this company because they were efficient, fast, and reasonably priced. They offered a free sample of something after my first order. The product I ordered works and I recommend it to any one who eats fatty foods, but not on a low fat diet.
Genevieve Guibord    

I tried this product a few years ago when I learned about it through my university. I used it for a month, and I lost 10 pounds (I was 140# at the time I began). However, I kept the empty bottle just in case I wanted to try it again. Well, yesterday I saw the broadcast of the Dr. Oz show where he recommends it. I was excited! Then I went to the cupboard and got my empty bottle of Alpha-Fibe ...sure enough the label clearly states "1 gram of Alpha Fibe removes 9 grams of fat." This is the original Alpha-Cyclodextrin product. I am going to order again.
Lydia's Grandma    

I tried everything else and decided to try this. Lost 18 pounds on the first bottle now on second bottle.
Jane Goche    

Last holiday season I happily slipped on my stretchy velvet sweats with the elasticized waistbands every day. I had bought them in four colors and they hid many sins. The combination of holiday goodies and kicking the smoking habit by nibbling on snacks packed 15 pounds on me in no time! Again, I was hidden in yards of velvet and no one noticed! Well, spring arrived. The velvet had to be put away. Out came the shorts and halters and capri pants. NOTHING FIT! I couldn't believe this! I had been a size 8 for over 20 years! I was so upset! I decided to try Alpha-Fibe and it worked! I have lost 10 pounds in just one month and I feel terrific!!
Bobbie Maloney    

On time, reliable-and I'm happy with the product! I will continue to use this product.
Ava Wooton    

So far so good. I feel that it it is working well even when i overdo the fat intake from time to time.
Eugene Savickas    

I purchased this item last month (completely sold out everywhere) and it works. I only take it when I'm eating foods/meals that I should not (we all what those are). Don't expect to look different overnight - just take it as needed and you'll notice the difference as your clothes will begin to become very loose. One thing for sure, you're going to eliminate those saturated fat calories.
BB Enthusiast    

I'd been heavy my whole life and I was getting heavier.
Taking Alpha-Fibe was like magic. The weight came off rapidly and without any change in diet or special effort on my part.
The best part is I'm still losing weight and keeping the old weight off.
Jason Farlam    

This is the original Alpha-cyclodextrin product. This product work great for lowering cholesterol and weight loss.
Terry S. Prisbe    

I’ve been using Alpha Fibe for just under one month and I’ve lost 11 lbs and 2 inches off my waist! I have not changed anything in my diet or exercise. This product is truly amazing, with no side affects. Thanks for making such a great product. I’m a firm believer with a firmer stomach!!
Greg Jones    

I started taking Alpha-Fibe about 3 months plus…ago. I cut hair for a living and one of my clients ranted and raved about this new product. So, with her confidence, I tried Alpha-Fibe. At first, I wanted to give up because I didn’t see a difference. Then, suddenly, I lost ten pounds…it seemed instantly. I was giving up on “working out” and I still lost weight. As I continued to “try” to work out more & eat better, the more I lost. I lost 23 pounds…it keeps coming off!!
Carol Marshall    

After many unsuccessful attempts to lose the weight I had gained in college, I tried Alpha-Fibe. Over the course of a year and a half, I was able to lose 20 pounds without making any changes to my diet or exercise routines. It truly is a remarkable product that has the potential to change the obesity crisis.

Forget Olestra and get this, you will never go back. Product works as advertised and I continue to rely on it for the occasional stuff I should not eat...but do.
Gerard Fertig    

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